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A quality of business service for the Apple platform. Floating Orchard engineers help firms of every size use their Apple devices. We automate forward-thinking solutions so you can focus on productivity. For Mac®, iPhone® and iPad®.

Core Commitments

Floating Orchard Cloud Services ensure your Apple desktops, laptops and mobile devices meet IT best practices. That’s not just good business, it’s peace of mind.

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Floating Orchard tracks the vital signs your Macs and iOS devices. Helpful for daily troubleshooting, essential for the occasional crisis.

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Less threats ≠ No threats. Floating Orchard protects your users from emerging malware threats.


Updates are inevitable. Floating Orchard automates them, giving you more time to focus on everything else.


Dealing with your own backups can be a chore. Dealing with everyone's backups is a breeze with Floating Orchard.


Every firm's data is its lifeblood. Floating Orchard helps you prevent loss with encryption and network security monitoring. Your IP stays safe inside, intruders stay out.

Our Customers

Floating Orchard Cloud Services and Solutions empower your Apple management needs, whether you are the Office Techie or a whole Tech Department. We help you streamline your endpoints so everyone stays on the same page with less effort.

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Cloud Technologies

Floating Orchard secures your devices anywhere on the planet because the mobile workforce is the new office.
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Excellence requires Teamwork.

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